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Automate your warranty process end to end to reduce costs, improve customer experience and retain customers.

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A warranty management solution that elevates your post-sales customer service.

Easy Onboarding Process

The no app download required solution lets customers register with a just scan and a click.

Efficient Claims and Redressal Process

Create happy customers with quick claims and redressals. Easily implement an automated process that makes no mistake

Mobile Friendly

Target the massive pool of smartphone users with a mobile-friendly interface.

Product Feedback

Manage feedback and reviews on the inbuilt CRM, use the feedback to improve your product and build trust for your brand.

Digitize and automate warranty claims

A modern warranty management solution that transforms your traditional warranty process into a cost and energy-saving process.
Digitize your warranty process

An all-in-one Warranty & Customer data platform.

Digitize your warranty claims process to satisfy customers, gather customer data, and increase repeat sales. Reduce warranty costs by identifying duplicate claims, automating the claims process and easing customer communications.
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Reduce Overall Costs
Powerful Inbuilt CRM
Digital Warranty Cards
Advanced Analytics & Dashboards

Don't take our word for it.

NeuroWarranty delivers more than just simplifying your warranties. Brands have achieved an immense increase in warranty registrations, customer engagement and repeat sales.
Consumers Connected
Up to 180
% Repeat Sales Achieved
Industry Average Engagement

Never Lose a Customer Again!

Trusted by 100+ clients globally, NeuroWarranty not just solves your Warranty Management hassles but also, helps establish a brand connect that retains customer longer.
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