How NeuroWarranty helped Syska increase its repeat sales by 180%

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What Syska needed

Syska identified it was getting increasingly difficult to implement the Warranty Program due to their growing distribution network. They also needed a method to identify authorized Syska products eligible for a Warranty claim, from the counterfeits. To do it without incurring losses and upsetting consumers was a tough challenge.
The three main challenges faced by Syska were

Digitization Of Warranty Schemes

Inline, with their ideology of providing the best service to their consumers, Syska needed an easier solution to effectively implement the warranty Schemes, without incurring losses.

Access to the Consumer Data of their end customers

Syska had identified that in order to be customer-centric, they needed the relevant data to reach out to their consumers, of various segments, located across the countries.

Analyze the data to boost consumer connect and increase repeat sales

Having the data isn’t enough! They needed a strategic technique to interpret and analyse this data, to understand consumer behaviour, needs, and engage them in authentic ways to retain them and increase repeat sales.

Key results NeuroWarranty delivered for Syska

The A.I based technology with the help of QR codes empowered Syska to handle warranty digitization for more than 8 lakh units per month and helped them connect with a consumer base spread across 5000 distributors and 200,000 retail outlets. The Key Results
increase in consumer participation in the warranty process for more than 8lakh units per month.
Upto 180 % repeat Sales Achieved.
Industry Average Engagement.

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