Deliver the best customer experience
by advanced Warranty Management

Manage post-sales customer service experience end to end. Let your service teams use it to deliver customer delight.

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Let your Service Teams handle queries with ease

Our software is meant to make your teams efficient and save them from the hassle of maintaining data in excels or emails. Solve customer claims and queries with ease. Customer automatically gets notified of the status of their request in real-time.

Serialize Products

Serialize your products using our proprietary tool.

Manage Warranty

Manage Warranty Registration & Claims redressal at scale.

CRM for Feedback

Inbuild CRM helps in maintaining and acting upon customer queries.

Product Showcase

Create beautiful and impactful product landing pages, to educate and influence customers

Here is how it works

Prepare your brand for the future of sales with a warranty solution that does a lot more than simplify warranties.
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Take your Warranty Management to the next level.

Software that does the heavy lifting for you. The customer creates warranty claims, the system validates and consolidates for the team to manage and close effectively.
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Delivering results for 100s of leading brands globally.

Never Lose a Customer Again!

Trusted by 100+ clients globally, NeuroWarranty not just solves your Warranty Management hassles but also, helps establish a brand connect that retains customer longer.
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