Privacy Policy

Effective Date & Last Modified Dec 31, 2019.

This Privacy Policy tells youthe types of information we collect when you use our Sites or Services, how weuse that information, and the instances in which we share your information.
NeuroWarranty Inc. ("NeuroWarranty")operates online websites such as but not limited to online shopping websites,other websites ("Sites") and provides other online services("Services") including authentication and product informationservices by As we are based in the United States of America(although some of our services may be operating in other countries via ouraffiliates, technology partners and sales partners under their own terms andprivacy policy if any), your information will be transmitted to, held andprocessed by us there in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
If you are located in the EU, you will also be asked to provide clear and unequivocal affirmative consent to the collection, processing, and sharing of your user information via cookies and similar technologies. Notice to EU Individuals: this Privacy Statement and its enumerated policies are intended to comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (the “General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR”) and provide appropriate protection and care with respect to the treatment of your user information in accordance with the GDPR.

If you are located in the California, and/or (as applicable) to the extent you are a "consumer" as defined under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) and NeuroWarranty is a "business" as defined under CCPA, following would be applicable for you. Subject to the provisions of the CCPA, you have the right to request in the manner provided herein:(a) Right to request for information about the:- Categories of Personal Data NeuroWarranty has collected about you.
- Specific pieces of Personal Data NeuroWarranty has collected about you.
- Categories of sources from which the Personal Data is collected.
- Business or commercial purpose for collecting Personal Data.
- Categories of third parties with whom the business shares Personal Data.

(b) Right to request for deletion of any Personal Data collected about you by us.
If you would like to access or delete Personal Data which constitutes "personal information" as defined in CCPA, please contact us at We respond to all such requests withina reasonable timeframe in accordance with applicable data protection laws. Alsoby writing to us, you agree to receive communication from us, which mayinclude, seeking information from you in order to verify you to be the consumerfrom whom we have collected the Personal Data and any other information asreasonably required to enable us to honour your request.

The type of data and information we collect and use about you are explained in the following sections.

To enhance, personalize, and support your experience on the Site, among other things, we collect, use, andshare your user information. For example, we use aggregated information todevelop content targeted to user interests and to generally improve the Site'suser experience.
We thought it would be helpfulto set out briefly the key ways in which we use your information and how weseek to protect privacy. Of course, you should read our full privacy policy andcontact us for any questions you may have.We typically collect two kindsof information about you: (a) information that you provide that personallyidentifies you (e.g., full name or phone number); and (b) information that doesnot personally identify you (e.g., your IP address or type of browser).- This information istransmitted to, held and processed by us.
- We typically use this information to provide you withour sites and related services, and to produce reports and data aboutactivities such as online shopping.
- We may disclose this information to authorized thirdparties including our merchants, advertising and promotional partners and thirdparty service providers for these purposes.
- Through the use of "cookies", we work withand permit advertising networks to collect anonymous information about you tosend you their ads and use the same information to send you our ads (seesection III below).
- You may at any time opt-out of certain activities asset out below (see section VI).
- We encrypt some information you input using SecureSockets Layer (SSL) software and take reasonable security measures to safeguardinformation.
- If you register with us, you have the ability toupdate or correct the information you previously provided via the accountsection.
- If you have any questions or concerns about privacy atNeuroWarranty, please contact us.
- Our sites and services are not designed or intendedfor use by children under 16 and
- This Privacy Policy may change from time to time soplease check this policy regularly. Any material changes will be notified toyou by email as appropriate.

We collect two kinds ofinformation related to you: (a) Personally Identifiable Information("PII"); and (b) Non-Personally Identifiable Information("Non-PII").

(a) Personally Identifiable Information: PII includes any information thatidentifies you as person. We collect your PII when you choose to register withus or when you choose to participate in an interactive feature of our Sitessuch as a review, survey or promotion. You may: (a) provide your name,mail/shipping address, email address, credit card number and phone number whenregistering with our Sites or in connection with a contest entry; (b) providecertain demographic information about you (e.g., age, gender, shoppinginterests and preferences, etc.) when participating in a survey or poll; or (c)post a general comment and/or recommendation on our Sites.

(b) Non-Personally Identifiable Information: Non-PII is any information that does notidentify you as a person including PII which has been rendered anonymous. Weobtain non-PII either separately or together with your PII as described above.We collect certain non-PII from you when you access our Sites including IPaddresses and information relating to your browser, operating system, ISP, thethird party website from which your visit originated and how you use our Sitessuch as the web pages you visit, and the duration of your visits.

Log Files The Site's web and ad servers log information abouta user's IP address, browser type and the current URL the user is requesting.This information is always provided by a user's browser and automaticallylogged by most wesites. These log files are stored in a secure location andused in our internal analysis of traffic patterns within our sites and services.

PII and Non-PII is used toprovide, or improve, our Sites and Services to you and to carry out yourrequests, respond to your inquiries, better serve you and understand yourneeds, or is used in other ways naturally associated with the circumstances in whichyou provided the information.
We may disclose PII andNon-PII to:
(1) our third party service providers who performfunctions on our behalf in connection with the operation of the Sites orServices e.g., providers who host and manage data, process credit card orders,deliver our merchandise, etc.
(2) participating sponsors to a program or promotion youenter through our Sites or Services.
(3) our parent company, subsidiaries or other affiliatedcompanies ("affiliated companies") for operational, marketing andpromotional purposes.
(4) co-promotional partners and others with whom we havemarketing or other relationships.
(5) participating merchants where you consent at thetime you submit PII to us when using the interactive features of our Sites suchas surveys and reviews concerning our participating merchants and(6) our other users where you choose to publicly postreviews, comments or other information relating to products or services,communicate with other users via public forums (e.g., forums, message boards,bulletin boards, etc.).

In addition, we use non-PII tohelp analyze site traffic, understand customer needs and trends, carry outtargeted promotional activities (see "Preference Based Advertising"below). We may use your non-PII by itself or aggregate it with information wehave obtained from others to produce research reports and other information anddata about online shopping for participating merchants and other customers, aswell as media and other interested parties.
(a) Cookies and Web Beacons: We and the third parties we authorizeautomatically receive and store certain types of non-PII whenever you interactwith us by using "cookies" and analogous technology."Cookies" are small files that are placed on your computer or yourinternet browser memory to enable the owner of the cookie to recognize yourbrowser and to provide convenience and other features to you. So, for example,our cookies may allow us to show you the past products you have searched for onour Sites. It is important to note that the cookies that we use,or permit others to use, do not contain and are not tied to PII about you.

You may be able to direct yourinternet browser not to allow cookies and you can typically delete existingcookies from your computer at any time. Please note, however, some elements ofour Sites will not function properly or be available to you.
(b) Preference Based Advertising: We also work with and permit certain thirdparties, including advertising networks and website analysis firms, to placecookies on your computer/browser when you visit our Sites. These third partycookies are used to gather non-PII about your activities on our Sites and thirdparty sites to serve you with advertisements while you are on third party sites("Third-Party Ads"). If you do not wish to participate in thisactivity, please let us know. Contact us to opt-out.

Some important notes: (1) theopt-out tools for Third-Party Ads include all the advertising networks that NeuroWarrantyworks with, but also many that NeuroWarranty does not work with; (2) opting outof Our Ads does not automatically serve as an opt-out from Third-Party Ads -the same is true the other way around. To opt-out of Our Ads and Third-PartyAds, you must use each respective opt-out tool above; (3) the opt-out tools forboth Our Ads and Third-Party Ads rely on cookies to ensure that your non-PII isnot used for online advertising purposes ("Opt-out Cookies").Therefore, if you buy a new computer, change web browsers or delete theseOpt-out Cookies from your computer, you will need to perform the relevantopt-out tasks again; and (4) the features of your internet browser and/orcertain add-on software may allow you to block or limit the use of cookies forpreference based advertising and other purposes. We cannot, however, promisethat our Sites or Services will work well or be compatible with thesealternative methods of blocking or limiting the use of cookies.
(a) Business Transactions: We may disclose PII and Non-PII held by us :(a) to a prospective seller or actual seller of any business or assets weacquire; (b) if all or any of our assets are acquired by a third party, inwhich case, PII and Non-PII may be one of the transferred assets.

(b) Required disclosures : We may disclose and use any PII or non-PII ifwe are required to do so by law, with respect to copyright and otherintellectual property infringement claims, or if we believe that such action isnecessary to: (a) fulfill a government request; (b) conform with therequirements of the law or legal process; (c) protect or defend our legalrights or property, our Sites, or other users; or (d) in an emergency toprotect the health and safety of our Sites' or Services’ users or the generalpublic.

We work to protect thesecurity of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) software, which encrypts information you input. Of course, it's importantto keep in mind that no data transmission on the Internet is guaranteed to be100% secure.

We also use a secure server hosting location in the USand other places in the world, firewall protection, controlled access andencryption technology to protect your data. Please be advised, however, thatwhile we strive to protect your PII, we cannot guarantee or warrant thesecurity of any information you disclose or transmit to us online and are notresponsible for the theft, destruction, or inadvertent disclosure of your PII.In the unfortunate event that your personally identifiable information iscompromised, we will notify you by e-mail to the last e-mail address you have providedus as soon as feasible under the circumstances (delays in notification mayoccur while we take necessary measures to determine the scope of the breach andrestore reasonable integrity to the system, as well as for the legitimate needsof law enforcement if notification would impede a criminal investigation.)
We employ many different security techniques to protectsuch data from unauthorized access by users inside and outside the company.However, "perfect security" does not exist on the Internet. If youare concerned that your privacy may have been breached, please contact us.
(a) What Information Can I Access? If you register as a member, you willtypically have access to an account section that includes the registration informationyou previously provided which you can update or correct at any time. If thereis any inaccurate information that you are not able to correct, just let usknow. Also, if you wish, you can delete your membership account entirelyalthough we may retain certain information in limited circumstances - e.g., toresolve disputes, troubleshoot problems and enforce our Terms of Use .Furthermore, some information is never completely removed from our databasesdue to technical (e.g., information that is stored in our "back-up"systems) and certain legal constraints.
(b) What Choices Do I Have (Opt-Out)? You have many choices regarding how weuse information about you, including: (1) To stop our emails, contact us. (2)To opt-out of preference-based ads, contact us. (3) To stop the sharing of PIIwith our participating merchants, Contact us (4) You may delete the cookiesfrom your browser at anytime, and (5) as discussed above, the choices we offeryou anytime you submit information through our Sites or Services.

(c) If you have any questions or concerns about privacy forour Sites and Services, please contact us at

As neither ourSites nor our Services are intended for use by children under 16, childrenunder 16 may not submit any PII to us. Also, if you are under 18, you shoulduse NeuroWarranty and submit information only with involvement of a parent orguardian.

This Privacy Policymay change from time to time to reflect our changing business practices. Wewill provide you notice of any such changes by posting the new policy on ourSites or by email if the changes are material.
This Privacy Policyand our Terms of Use, both as posted on our Sites and through our Services,contain all of the material terms of regarding your use of our Sites andServices. No summary, modification, restatement or other version thereof, orother privacy statement or policy, in any form, is valid unless we post it toour Sites and Services.

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