warranty management software for consumer electronics brands

Having an amazing product is only a job half done in a competitive market like consumer electronics. If brands want to survive and grow in the long run, they need to provide better customer experiences than their competitors.

But is the customer experience that important?

According to Gartner research in 2022, 81% of the e-commerce brands compete mostly or completely on the post-sales experience. 

Warranty claims are perhaps the most important part of the post-sales experience as it helps customers build trust with your brand, if you are unable to provide a satisfactory warranty claims experience, your customers will most likely avoid any further interaction with your brand (or even worse discourage their friends and family too).

About Mobilla - 

Mobilla has been a consumer electronics leader in India for more than 20 years and has two major categories - Lifestyle accessories and consumer accessories covering among them 50 + product lines. 

With an increasing D2C presence and well-established marketplace sales, Mobilla has emerged as a consumer electronics leader in India.

Unparalleled warranty claims and replacement processes are a major USP of Mobilla, which is reflected, in its high customer retention rates.

How is Mobilla mastering the art of consumer warranties - 

Mobilla realized soon enough the importance of a hassle-free, customer-centric warranty process. 

What issues was Mobilla facing?

  1. High Warranty management costs.
  2. Low customer participation
  3. Low customer satisfaction as claims could not be verified, as warranty cards and purchase bills were often lost.
  4. Struggling to manage product warranties across different SKUs and increasing sales
  5. Ineffective customer communication during warranty claims

Mobilla was using a traditional paper-based warranty process, which made it very difficult for Mobilla and its customers to manage warranty claims. 

Mobilla soon realized that it may be impossible to use the same in light of increasing SKUs and sales. 

Mobilla's search for a suitable solution led them to NeuroWarranty. Mobilla realized that this was the most cost-effective, robust solution that could cater to their massive distribution network without additional effort in the minimum time frame. 

How does the Mobilla warranty process work?

Partnering with NeuroWarranty, mobilla was successful in implementing an automated warranty process. Mobilla's customers have to first scan the QR code of a warranty card included in every product box.

The warranty registration process for Mobilla.

The users can scan the QR code with any app, and even their phone camera, the QR code directed users to a custom build a web app, wherein users can register their warranty for any future claims in just a single click.

The users do this by entering in their personal and product details, with single-sign-on features enabled giving them the option to sign in through Google and Truecaller. This meant that users did not have to remember their credentials for signing in and all the details submitted were verified. 

Once registered Mobilla reached out to customers by email, SMS and WhatsApp (using the data provided on the web app) with confirmation messages and links for future claims. 

This enabled Mobilla to reach every customer personally including Amazon and retail customers, opening up remarketing and reselling opportunities. 

Whenever a customer wanted to claim a warranty all they had to do was go on the web app, using links on their emails, SMS and WhatsApp, and click a button. 

The warranty claims process for Mobilla.

The automated warranty management process transformed Mobilla's post-sales service as it allowed it to-

  1. Automate the warranty process.
  2. Increase customer participation.
  3. Enable customers to claim a warranty with a single click.
  4. Enable customers to track the status of their claims.
  5. Solve customer queries and collect feedback in real-time using NeuroWarranty's inbuilt CRM.
  6. Resell effectively to amazon and retail customers using customer data.

Mobilla could soon feel the difference and observed that customer support requests fell drastically, as customers could now manage warranties on their own this allowed Mobilla to focus more on other parts of the business.

About NeuroWarranty

Mobilla achieved this and much more using the NeuroWarranty warranty management software.NeuroWarranty not only helped Mobilla provide a superior customer experience but also helped Mobilla increase its repeat sales by bringing it data from its amazon and retail customers. 

How can your brand do the same?

NeuroWarranty's warranty management software is helping Mobilla, Syska, Smartshout and 100+ leading brands increase their repeat sales by transforming their postsales services. 

What are you waiting for?

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NeuroWarranty guarantees - 

  1. Increase in revenue and profit
  2. Up to 90% decrease in warranty-related costs.
  3. Up to 28% increase in repeat sales.
  4. 100% Reduction in fraudulent warranty claims
  5. Data of your Amazon, Flipkart and retail end customers
  6. 5X customer engagement compared to your competitors. 
  7. Increase your D2C sales. 

If you wish to convert your warranty expenses into a profit-making asset, schedule a call with our solution experts and get a solution that has delivered results for market leaders in the consumer electronics segment. Schedule a call now.