How can you deliver an unparalleled post-sales experience using a warranty solution?

Your competitors are no longer competing with your product or your pricing... So what exactly is their game plan?

Research by Gartner shows that in 2022, 81% of the brands mostly or completely compete only on customer experience.

A positive post-sales experience is now the most important criterion for customers in making their buying decisions. A study by PwC points out that 86% of customers consider a positive post-sales experience as their top priority.

A hassle-free warranty process is one of the most important aspects of the post-sales experience, as it show's your customers that you care about them even after the purchase and helps build trust between you and your customers for future transactions. 

So how can you exactly provide an unparalleled post-sales experience to your customers using your warranty process?

1. Digitize warranty registrations to provide a positive post-sales experience.

Most customers think of warranty claims as a hassle-filled process as traditional paper-based warranty programs make them secure their old bills and warranty cards and present them at the time of warranty claims. 

This becomes annoying for your customers as it is difficult to secure old paperwork, and customers are often buying new products almost every week, making it more difficult to manage multiple warranties.

Enabling digital warranty registrations at the time of purchase allows customers to digitally register their brand for a future warranty claim, saving them from the hassle of managing exhaustive paperwork. 

2. Educate your customers

Your warranty process is a crucial post-sales touchpoint with your customers and should be used to educate and engage them in activities more than just warranties.

NeuroWarranty's warranty registration solution creates for you a custom landing page that your customers get directed to while registering warranties you can use this digital real estate to educate and engage your customers by providing how-to guides, answering FAQs, collecting feedback and even cross-selling related products. 

3. Automate claims for an unparalleled post-sales experience

Warranty claims are the true test of a brand's post-sales experience. And depending on their warranty claims experience of their current purchase, the customer will decide if they want to engage with your brand again. 

The best way to win customers over is to automate your claims process. NeuroWarranty automates your claims process by allowing your customers to claim a warranty in a single click, and at the same time, saving you money and labour spent in managing these claims. 

How does NeuroWarranty's warranty management solution automate warranty claims?

4. Enable warranty tracking

Advanced warranty tracking software not only makes warranty tracking easier for the brands but also enables customers to track and manage multiple claims at once. NeuroWarranty's warranty tracking solution allows customers to claim, track and manage multiple claims on a single screen. Allowing users to track their claim status, and at the same time, saving costs spent on physical customer communication and support tickets. 

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5. Communicate with your customers

Customers, when registered for a warranty claim, want constant updates on their claim status, but ensuring that their customers are aware of their warranty claim's status is an expensive and time-consuming process. 

NeuroWarranty's warranty management software, with the help of its inbuilt CRM, sets up a direct communication channel between you and your customers. The customer service teams can manage customer communication on a single interface with minimal effort. 

6. Resell, cross-sell and upsell

Repeat sales are driving business growth, and customer retention has far overtaken customer acquisition and is the top priority of all e-commerce brands. 

But it is impossible to remarket to existing customers without having their data. Most consumer brands struggle with remarketing as their sales channels, Amazon and retail, do not allow them to access or collect end-customer data. 

NeuroWarranty's warranty management software boosts your repeat sales by bringing you data from all your end customers (Amazon and retail).

How does the warranty solution work?

Allowing your marketing teams to reach your customers and boost repeat sales by personalizing and segmenting their marketing message using data provided by the warranty management software. 

Investing in advanced warranty management software like NeuroWarranty not only helps you provide your existing customers with an unparalleled post-sales experience but also helps you gather end-customer first-party data and resell effectively. 

What do leading brands say about NeuroWarranty?

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