Keys to deliver an unparalleled warranty experience

Warranty is evolving. It’s no longer about replacing broken products. Instead, leading consumer brands are using warranty as another touchpoint in the customer journey to build brand loyalty and drive sales. Other organizations are using warranty data to gain insights into equipment performance and develop future-looking service contracts.

A negative customer experience with a warranty process is an unfortunately common situation. A frustrating experience with customer service is the first thing that will make your customers look elsewhere for a new brand or service provider. 

Keys to a Positive Customer Experience

Have an easy warranty registration process

have an easy warranty process for good customer experience

A smooth and pleasant first warranty experience is the basis on which you build your post-sales connection with your customers, hence you must ace it. 

The biggest problem with the registration process is that it's complicated. The registration form is the first thing people see when they visit your website. It’s also where most people leave.

Your registration process should be short and clear but not so short that it feels like a forced choice. When someone has to think about what they want, they’re less likely to complete the process. Ideally, you should be replacing forms with dynamic web apps where customers can not only register their warranty but also track, claim and use more of your post-sales services.

NeuroWarranty is one of the most easy-to-use warranty registration software available in the market right now. Using single sign-on, customers can register their product with a single click - Click here to get the complete product experience.

Easy customer communication

Customers, when registered for a warranty claim, want constant updates on their claim status, but ensuring that their customers are aware of their warranty claim's status is an expensive and time-consuming process. 

This is a big one - a great customer experience starts with real communication. It should be very easy to get in touch with the customer service team, whether via phone, email or chat. They should be accessible and respond quickly. Being able to get an answer from a knowledgeable person, rather than getting passed off from representative to representative (or worse, an automated system), makes all the difference in the world.

NeuroWarranty's warranty management software, with the help of its inbuilt CRM, sets up a direct communication channel between you and your customers. The customer service teams can manage customer communication on a single interface with minimal effort.

Resolving claims faster 

Customers request a claim when they encounter a problem with your product and are in a stressful state, often even doubting whether their claim will be resolved or not. This is an excellent time to win customers over by solving their claims at the earliest.

Time is really of the essence in the warranty process as longer processing times often get customers sceptical and you end up with an angry tweet by an unsatisfied customer. 

A warranty management software can help you easily track the progress of each claim and process each stage faster. By allowing the system to automate menial jobs, your employees will have more time to focus on bigger tasks and improve their skills. 

Using real-time data

Warranty management software should provide access to reliable real-time data and advanced analytics. With this, you can monitor product quality and notice patterns in customer behaviour, gaining valuable insights into cost-saving opportunities. Put instant claims analysis against entitlement.

Data can help you streamline your warranty claims service. Using reports from the analytics dashboards, brands can review the process at scale and figure out new easier processes. Analyzing the data will allow you to look into your post-sales customer service and find out which step the customer finds the most exhaustive and time-consuming. 

Automating the process

Traditional warranty management processes are manual and labour intensive, thus driving up costs. Automating the warranty process with the NeuroWarranty software allows you to reduce your dependency on customer support executives and reduce customer support costs. Automating the process allows brands to manage a large number of warranty claims at once on a single screen, thus cutting down the operational cost significantly. 

Automating time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks frees up your personnel talent to do what you’re paying them for strategic warranty management that drives your business forward. Administrative tasks are also more susceptible to human error, so eliminate the costly do-overs by letting warranty management software do what it does best.

What do leading brands say about NeuroWarranty?

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