When you are a business owner, you understand the importance of a quality product, you put in the time and effort to ensure that your product is the best it can be, and you want to make sure that your customers get the best experience with it. 

Why do brands need a warranty management app -

In many organizations, warranty services and claims procedures are typically handled internally and impact several departments, from the supply chain to customer service. If you are not all using the same system and viewing the same data, this can cause many problems.

By investing in a warranty management app, brands can ensure that the warranty management process not only goes smoothly but also brings added benefits to them. 

  • Faster processes: A warranty management app can help to easily track the progress of each claim and process each stage faster. By allowing the system to automate menial jobs, your employees will have more time to focus on bigger tasks and improve their skills. 
  • Reduce fraudulent risk: Customers who are worried about their data can be easily reassured as the risk of fraud is reduced with a warranty management system. As all of the processes and policies are already in place and with the latest technology any issues or errors such as fraudulent activity are much easier to detect and stop.
  • Cost-effective: With a management system you can easily save on administrative costs as the system will automate claims and settlement processes. 
  • Improved customer service: With real-time data available you can easily track the progress of each claim to keep customers updated and improve overall customer satisfaction. 
  • Clearer insights: Clearer insights and analysis data are available with the help of a warranty management system. This makes it much simpler to monitor any quality issues and gives you a clear understanding of customer requirements.

What should you look for before choosing a warranty management app for your brand?

Whether it is collecting warranty data or sending out notifications, the app should be able to handle it effortlessly. This can save a lot of time and money that would otherwise be spent on building the process manually.

Can the app automate and simplify warranty processes?

Traditional warranty management processes are manual and labour intensive, thus driving up costs. Automating the warranty process allows you to reduce your dependency on customer support executives and reduce customer support costs. A warranty management app should be able to manage a large number of warranty claims at once on a single screen, thus cutting down the operational cost significantly. 

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Is the warranty management app easy to implement?

You should be able to use the app without any help from the vendor, and you should be able to get your data in and out of the system.

 If you have to spend a lot of time setting up the app and moving data around, that will probably be reflected in a longer implementation time and a bigger budget. You can and should ask to see an app demo before making a final decision.

Can the app get you valuable customer data?

Customer data is the biggest advantage for businesses, whether it be for online or offline marketing campaigns. It facilitates the retention of existing customers when utilized for loyalty programs and acquires new customers for other products through effective marketing strategies like promotion and cross-selling. The warranty management app should be able to collect, process, and present this data to you in real-time and on an easy to manage interface.

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When it comes to choosing a warranty management app for your business, there are a lot of different options available. The best way to decide which one is right for you is to consider how easy the solution is for your end customers. Some of the best warranties that experience high redemption rates are the ones that offer simple onboarding and registrations. 

Can the warranty management app help you manage customer communications?

Inbuilt CRM offered by advanced warranty management apps unifies the data used by service teams for effective warranty management. Businesses can organize customer queries from one source.

In addition to using the in-built CRM, customers can also send product feedback via email or SMS. Businesses can follow up on the input and have personalized communications with the customers to solve the problem and enhance customer satisfaction.

Is the warranty management app cloud-based?

Cloud-based warranty management app is a good choice if you want to move your business to the cloud while keeping all the important data in one place and not worrying about the version of your software. Cloud-based apps are a good choice for businesses that are going global and are not sure about the future.

The NeuroWarranty warranty management app 

Trusted by 100s of leading brands including Syska, JCB, ResQtech, NeuroWarranty is a QR Code-based warranty management software that is easy to implement yet extremely powerful. Customers can register for a warranty by simply scanning a QR code placed on your product and entering the purchase details. Once registered, customers no longer need to secure purchase bills and invoices. You will be surprised to know the functions NeuroWarranty's Warranty management App can perform for your business.

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The NeuroWarranty app allows brands to

Automate claims management -

Traditional warranty management processes are manual and labour intensive, thus driving up costs. Automating the warranty process with the NeuroWarranty App allows you to reduce your dependency on customer support executives and reduce customer support costs. Automating the process allows brands to manage a large number of warranty claims at once on a single screen, thus cutting down the operational cost significantly. 

Identify fraudulent claims -

If customers love your products, there is a high possibility that counterfeit/ look-alike products of yours are floated in the market with your brand name. Your brand name is used by the counterfeit & sell substandard products in your name. This not only increases your warranty claims, but customers also lose trust in your brand.

Using the NeuroWarranty app, when any product comes for warranty claims, you can track details like when the product was manufactured, who was the supplier/ OEM. This will help in tracking which supplier is using the wrong product.

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Communicate with customers - 

Customers, when registered for a warranty claim, want constant updates on their claim status, but ensuring that their customers are aware of their warranty claim's status is an expensive and time-consuming process. 

NeuroWarranty's warranty management app, with the help of its inbuilt CRM, sets up a direct communication channel between you and your customers. The customer service teams can manage customer communication on a single interface with minimal effort. 

Get customer data - 

Customer data is a gold mine for any business and is the biggest advantage that they could have. NeuroWarranty has empowered 100s of brands by giving them access to the data of their customers. Brands use it to help them retain their existing customers by utilizing a loyalty program and acquiring new customers for their other products through a cross-selling strategy. Brands also use customer data to tailor every online marketing campaign to their existing customers to increase their return rates. 

Warranty Analytics - 

NeuroWarranty's smart Analytics dashboards can give you an idea of how your product performs across various geographies and demographics and where you need to improve. This data can help your brand make better decisions in various areas of your business.

With NeuroWarranty, brands get the power to access customer data that can be leveraged by their marketing teams in endless ways. The fully automated and fault-proof warranty process works efficiently to deliver an unparalleled post-sales customer experience with minimum effort. The No App required digital warranty Software facilitates offline to the online transition of customers and enables businesses to increase customer LTV and repeat sales. 

"NeuroWarranty is an awesome solution for all sellers and manufacturers to give the best support to their customers." It is very useful in getting the customer to register and avail warranty, and also it's very easy for us as sellers to monitor the warranty registrations and claims.

Mr Ranjit B, Head of business development. ResqTech.

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