choosing the best warranty management solution

Is the warranty solution easy to use for customers?

easy to use warranty management solution

Customer experience has overtaken price and product has the top deciding factor if customers retain or not, so while choosing a warranty management solution, make sure to have customer experience as the top deciding factor.

The current warranty process most brands use is having a physical warranty card inside the product packaging, and whenever a customer wants to claim a warranty, they have to bring the warranty card to a retail outlet and verify their claim.

This makes claiming a warranty a hassle-filled process for your customers, leading to a large dropout rate.

What you would want is instead to have a digital solution where customers can register and claim a warranty in just a single click.

With the help of NeuroWarranty, registering for a warranty claim becomes much simpler. Customers can register for a warranty by simply scanning a QR code placed on your product and entering the purchase details. Once registered, customers no longer need to secure purchase bills and invoices. 

Can the solution automate your warranty process?

Traditional warranty management processes are manual and labour intensive, thus driving up costs. The software should be designed to automate the tedious aspects of a warranty process. 

Whether it is collecting warranty data or sending out notifications, the solution should be able to handle it effortlessly. This can save a lot of time and money that would otherwise be spent on building the process manually.

Automating the warranty process allows you to reduce your dependency on customer support executives and reduce customer support costs. Automating the process allows brands to manage a large number of warranty claims at once on a single screen, thus cutting down the operational cost significantly. 

Does it allow you to communicate with your customers?

customer communication warranty management solution

Customer feedback is the most important part of any business. It helps determine what products and services you should offer, how to communicate with your customers, and even what your brand needs to look like.

With advanced warranty solutions, collecting customer feedback is easy. Most of these tools allow you to send an email or text message directly to your customers after they have purchased your product. 

Digital warranty management solutions like NeuroWarranty come with inbuilt CRMs and allow your customer support executives to manage the entire post-sales experience from a single screen. 

Does the solution allow you to access warranty data and analytics?

Warranty solutions equipped with intelligent dashboards offer relevant insights for better decision-making. There are many reasons why you would want to equip your business with a digital warranty solution. One of them is because they give you unique insights into the performance of your product in the field. 

Analytics dashboards can give you an idea of how your product performs across various geographies and demographics and where you need to improve. This data can help your brand make better decisions in various areas of your business.

 With the right warranty analytics in place, businesses can save time, money and resources, and make better decisions. When shopping for a warranty solution, it's important to find a solution that can offer you the right warranty analytics. The solution should be able to provide the right services that fit your needs and is optimized for your business.

Can the solution bring you valuable customer data?

customer data warranty management solution

Customer data is the biggest advantage for businesses, whether it be for online or offline marketing campaigns. It facilitates the retention of existing customers when utilized for re-marketing and acquires new customers for other products through effective marketing strategies like promotion and cross-selling. 

Customer data can be used to promote businesses in a way that's more personal because it's like having a relationship with every customer.

Customer data is a gold mine for your business and is the biggest advantage that you could have. 

With NeuroWarranty leading consumer brands like Wayona can have a customer data collection rate as high as 16%. The data collected includes name, address, email address, phone number and even some demographic information such as age and gender. This data was then used by Wayona as part of their re-marketing efforts and were able to achieve a 20% increase in their repeat sales. Get complete case study.

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