Here's how you can increase your warranty registration rates

Make the warranty registration process as simple as possible 

Warranty solutions often end up being too complicated for users to register, resulting in low registration rates. The registration form is the first thing people see, it’s also where most people leave.

Warranty forms should be short and clear but not so short that it feels like a forced choice. When someone has to think about what they want, they’re less likely to complete the process. Take advantage of the fact that you have their attention by making sure there are no mistakes on the form itself or in its instructions.

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Incentivise customers for registering their warranty 

The more you can provide for your customers, the more likely they are to become loyal and repeat customers. The best way to do this is by giving customers something in return for successfully registering their warranty with you.

A brand can offer extended warranties, discount coupons or loyalty points to customers if they register their warranty. Or it might send them an e-mail about new products and services. The key is to make sure that the customer has something of value to receive from registering with the company.

Have Help and Support always ready  

Simplify access to help, support, and assist. This means that there should be a single place where customers can go to ask questions, get answers, and find resources.

You may also want to consider using an automated system for handling customer inquiries. This will allow you to quickly respond to inquiries and focus on other aspects of your business without having to deal with low-priority issues or follow up with customers who haven't been able to resolve their issues.

When choosing a warranty management software for your brand always look for a solution like NeuroWarranty, which has an inbuilt CRM. An inbuilt CRM will make the life of your support executive a lot easier and also save you additional costs of buying different CRM tools. 

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Make sure your customers trust you with their data  

When it comes to data protection, customers are concerned about their privacy and the safety of their personal information. They also want to know that the company they do business with is committed to protecting their data.

Be clear about what information you collect and why. Explain how you use it, specifically how it's used for marketing purposes and how long you keep it. If there are any sensitive pieces of information, explain those as well.

Provide clear instructions on how to opt out of online tracking and third-party collection of data. You can even let customers know if they're already being tracked through other channels or if they can opt-out differently than just turning off cookies.

Let customers know what happens to their information if something goes wrong (for example, if someone hacks into your website). Then explain what steps you're taking now and in the future to prevent this from happening again. 

Remove extra fields from the form

The first step in increasing your warranty registrations is to eliminate as many fields as possible. By doing so, you will reduce the amount of data you need to enter for each order and make it easier for customers to complete their purchases.

You can do this by letting customers choose options from dropdown menus or by allowing them to enter certain information in boxes below the options. This approach makes it easy for customers to choose from a variety of options without having to search through lengthy textboxes or narrow fields.

Offer single sign-on -

Most people have multiple passwords to remember, and a good number of people forget their passwords a lot. Allowing users to log in with phone numbers and e-mails will save your customers from a lot of hustle.

This process is called single sign-on, and it allows someone to register with one click. It can be a tricky design aspect to add to your website or app, but we think it is worth the extra effort. Keep in mind that most people would trust a single sign-on process more than one without it.

NeuroWarranty is amongst one of the most easy-to-use warranty management available in the market right now -Click here to get the complete warranty experience.