Top best warranty management software

There is a lot of hassle associated with warranty management. The process for doing it manually is long, repetitive, and prone to error. You can eliminate a lot of the hassle by using global warranty management software. This blog will look at the top 5 best global warranty management software in order of their advantages so you can choose one that's right for you.

When it comes to managing product warranties, you need software that understands the nuances of warranty management and has the right tools to make your life easier. Some of the most popular warranty management software are NeuroWarranty, Tavant Warranty, Pega Warranty Management, A1 Trackker's Warranty Management and Intelli Systems.

Read this blog to find the best warranty management software of the year 2023.


Number one in our list of the best warranty management software (2022) is NeuroWarranty. NeuroWarranty is a unique and currently the leading warranty management software that redefines the way warranties work and helps brands convert their warranty expenses into an opportunity to connect with their customers and retain them for more repeat business and higher revenues.

How does it work? 

NeuroWarranty is a QR Code-based warranty management software that is easy to implement yet extremely powerful. Customers can register for a warranty by simply scanning a QR code placed on your product and entering the purchase details. Once registered, customers no longer need to secure purchase bills and invoices. 

When a warranty claim request is placed by a customer, the Inbuilt CRM kicks in and automates the process to make warranty management easier for your client servicing teams.

With NeuroWarranty, brands get the power to access customer data that can be leveraged by their marketing teams in endless ways. The fully automated and fault-proof warranty process works efficiently to deliver an unparalleled post-sales customer experience with minimum effort. The No App required digital warranty Software facilitates offline to the online transition of customers and enables businesses to increase customer LTV and repeat sales. 

Features -

  • Inbuilt CRM 
  • Access to Customer Data
  • Analytics Dashboards 
  • Remarketing Solutions
  • Paperless Solution
  • Multiple Claims management
  • Warranty Status Tracking
  • Identifying Fraud/ Expired Claims. 

"NeuroWarranty is an awesome solution for all sellers and manufacturers to give the best support to their customers." It is very useful in getting the customer to register and avail warranty, and also it's very easy for us as sellers to monitor the warranty registrations and claims.

Mr. Ranjit B, Head of business development. ResqTech.

You can sign up for the warranty management software by scheduling a demo and getting a free 14-day trial here get a demo, when you schedule a demo an account manager will contact you and you can organize a call to discuss your business requirements.

Cons  - It might be a bit tough for a customer who doesn't have a smartphone to scan the code to activate the online warranty .

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Number 2 on the list of our best warranty management software for the year 2022 is Dyrect. Dyrect's warranty solution is an end-to-end warranty product registration system that helps brands reduce warranty costs, get first-party customer data, and improve the post-sales warranty experience. Dyrect is a combination of warranty expertise, industry best practices, and technology innovation. The solution is aimed at allowing brands to increase their repeat sales by providing an unparalleled warranty experience to customers.

Features - 

  1. No App Download
  2. Inbuilt CRM
  3. Single Sign-on
  4. Automate Warranty Claims
  5. Complete Data Ownership for Brands.​

Pega Warranty 

Pega is ranked third in the best warranty management software list. Pega Warranty Management provides fast, efficient claims management and reduces warranty costs. this cloud-based platform offers performance-oriented and customer-focused warranty services. This solution is capable of handling changing business requirements and the frequent technical updates demanded by connected smart devices. Pega Warranty streamlines and improves the end-to-end warranty process. 

Features - 

  1. Advanced claim analytics
  2. Product/warranty registration
  3. Repair order and diagnosis decisions
  4. Multi-channel claims submissions
  5. Claim processing and exception handling. 
  6. Claims analysis

Cons - Not having complete access to data of registered customers as compared to other solutions like NeuroWarranty.

A1 Tracker

A1 Tracker’s Warranty Management software gives warranty administrators full control over the warranty lifecycle and your guarantee programs. The ability to manage agreements & related claims is key for a successful warranty management operation.

The web-based warranty portal gives customers, sales reps, and retailers a simple tool to submit a warranty request online and follow the process from start to finish. Warranty purchases, renewals, and claims are reportable in a single warranty database which centralizes data between customers, retailers, and products under warranty.

Features -

  • Warranty Claims
  • Parts & Products
  • Customer Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Approval Workflow

Cons - A below average customer experience for the end users when compared to other warranty software in the 5 best warranty software list. 

best warranty management software of 2023

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Intelli Warranty

Intelli Warranty by Intellinet is a warranty management and claims software. Use this solution to reduce your warranty cost to the minimum, automate warranty claims, streamline your warranty management system and increase your service revenue to the maximum with Warranty software.

The software offers cross-browser compatibility as well as has a responsive design. It integrates the entire warranty process and offers a complete solution for all warranty-related issues.

Features -

  • Multiple claims
  • Easy integration with EPC, SAP, SI, and other modules
  • Restricted access to user
  • Work queue management

Cons- The software is mainly focused on B2B businesses and does not cater to the needs of consumer product brands.

5 Best Warranty Management Solutions 2022 - Which is the best warranty management software?

All the warranty management software on the 2022 list of the best warranty management software bring something unique to the table to resolve different management issues and help you drive your business. 

This does mean you’ll need to trial a few to see what works best for you. To see schedule a demo and get a free 14 day trial of NeuroWarranty's warranty management software click here.