This is how you can use customer data to increase repeat sales.

A recent study from Hubspot shows that 92% of companies use customer data to grow revenue. The same study also showed that 69% of companies use customer data to improve customer experience.

Customer data is a powerful tool for resellers. It allows you to build up a better picture of your customers so that you can better understand who they are and how you can increase your repeat sales.

When it comes to reselling, it’s important to have a clear idea of who your customer is, so that you can offer them the right solutions for their needs. 

Understand your loyal customers

understand your loyal customers to increase repeat sales

Customer loyalty is an important factor in building effective reselling. If you know what makes your loyal customers tick, then you can provide them with products and services that meet their needs and increase your repeat sales.

Knowing who your most loyal customers are will help you keep them happy and engaged. These are the people who spend the most money with your company over time, so it makes sense to invest in them heavily. 

Customers with high lifetime value (LTV) are worth more than those with low LTV because they're likely to spend more over time as well as refer others to do business with you.

Customer data helps you understand your loyal customers better, their history with your company, and even buying patterns. This information helps you provide them with relevant products and services at the right time and place.

This way, you can identify:

  • What products do they like most?
  • When they bought from you and how often they buy from you
  • Where they are located and what websites they visit
  • How much money do they spend with you (and on what)

Target the right customers with personalized emails to increase repeat sales

use personalized emails to increase repeat sales

Target the right customers with personalized emails. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach customers directly and increase repeat sales. But it takes a lot of time and effort to write hundreds of individualized messages. 

With customer data, you can tailor your marketing campaigns based on specific interests or purchase histories, making it easier to send relevant emails while spending less time on each message.

 For example, if a customer buys only one product from you but never returns for more, send them a message offering another product similar to the one they purchased before — along with an incentive such as a discount or free shipping. This strategy works well because it's personalized and relevant to that customer's needs — which means they'll be more likely to respond positively than if you simply sent them an email with no context whatsoever.

 Personalized email marketing is one of the best ways to increase repeat sales. You can increase repeat sales using personalized emails in a number of ways, including:

Send targeted emails based on customer behaviours​

  • Create dynamic product recommendations
  • Personalize your email subject lines
  • Use behavioural triggers like abandoned carts, abandoned forms and more

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Increase repeat sales by increasing engagement on social media

Use social media to repeat sales

Personalized social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase repeat sales. Most social media platforms allow you to target ads based on demographics (age, gender), interests (likes) and other information that's already been collected about a user. 

You can also target people based on their location or other behaviours — for example, if a user checks out multiple products on your website but doesn't make a purchase, you could send them an ad for one of those products once they've left your site.

 You can advertise on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to reach these potential buyers with targeted ads that promote products based on their previous purchases or browsing history on your site.

Identify the right time to reach out to your customers

reach your customers at the right time to increase repeat sales

Identify the right time to reach out to your customers. If you're selling a product or service that's related to an existing one, you may want to wait until the customer has been using it for a while before contacting them with a new offer. This will help ensure that they're familiar with your brand, which makes it more likely that they'll buy from you again.

Identify the right time to resell to your customers. Knowing when customers are most likely to buy is important for any business — but especially if you're reselling products that have a short lifecycle or limited stock. 

It's hard enough for customers to make purchasing decisions in the first place, so if you're sending out emails about new products at the wrong time, likely, they won't be interested in what you're offering. 

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Use mobile push notifications to increase repeat sales

use mobile push notifications to increase repeat sales

Mobile push notifications are one way to reach customers on their mobile devices. Using the right messaging, you can encourage them to make another purchase or take advantage of an offer that's only valid for a limited time. These messages can be tailored based on the customer's preferences and past purchases so that they know exactly what they need to do next.

Personalized mobile push notifications are an excellent way to keep in touch with your customers and make sure they never miss out on an opportunity. If you have an e-commerce site, sending personalized notifications about new products or sales can build loyalty among your customers by keeping them informed about new opportunities and discounts.

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Use customer data to sell D2C

sell D2C to increase repeat sales

The rise of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands has been well documented. The ability for companies to connect directly with their customers and offer them experiences they can’t get anywhere else has been a game-changer.

Directly selling from your website is a great way to increase repeat sales, because you don't have to rely on any third-party websites or companies like Google or Facebook for traffic or leads. You also don't have to pay any commissions or fees for providing this service to customers. Want to FastTrack your brands D2C journey? FastTrack your journey now!

Increase repeat sales by creating product subscriptions

increase repeat sales by creating product subscriptions

The most common way to increase repeat sales products is via subscriptions. Subscriptions are a great way to increase your margin and reduce the risk of inventory management.

Subscription models are popular in eCommerce, but they can be tricky to implement. If you don't offer enough value upfront or have unclear policies, customers are likely to churn and cancel their subscriptions.

Customer data can help you avoid these problems and make sure that your subscription program is successful. Here's how you can increase repeat sales using product subscriptions:

Target your customers with personalization. Use customer data to create product bundles and offers that cater to specific needs or interests. You can also use this information to personalize the subscription experience (for example, sending welcome emails with customized tips).

Data of your customers is gold for you, but the majority of consumer brands are unable to leverage data in their remarketing efforts as brands don't simply have access to it.

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