Best product registration software

Customer delight is mission-critical in the market growth of any product nowadays. Capturing customer feedback while cross-selling products during product registration and post-sales communication are the key to success.

When it comes to product registration software, you need software that understands the nuances of the product and has the right tools to make your life easier.


NeuroWarranty is one of the best product registration tools. It is a unique tool that is leading the product registration system that redefines the way registration for a product work and helps organizations connect with their customers and retain them for more business and to increase revenue.

NeuroWarranty Product Registration Advantage

  1. Omnichannel: Helps buyers to register their products via a wide range of methods and channels.
  2. Auto Reminder Alerts: Remind customers with the help of notifications to complete partial registrations
  3. Inbuilt Intelligence: Analyze customer segments to make informed decisions and strategize with the help of reports at diverse levels.
  4. Cross-Sell/Upsell: Promote some of the complementary products in an easy and hassle-free way.
  5. Capture Feedback: Improve the product using customer feedback on their different buying experience.

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Dyrect is the first product registration platform that allows customers to register their products with a single click. The platform is currently helping leading brands in the US, Europe, Asia and around the world onboard customers and bring them verified first-party customer data.;


  1. No App Download
  2. Inbuilt CRM
  3. Single Sign-on
  4. Automate Warranty Claims
  5. Complete Data Ownership for Brands.

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Tavant product registration solution with Artificial Intelligence & machine learning features enables the manufacturers to develop a data-driven automated product registration system. The new-age software provides real value to manufacturers in optimizing their products.


  1. Buyer Consolidation
  2. Capture Feedback
  3. Automatic reminders and pop-up
  4. Omnichannel solution


Integration works for only limited APIs.

Qualtrics XM

Qualtrics XM is a Gartner leader in customer experience with solutions for customer XM, product XM, brand XM, employee XM, design XM, and some other XM services. Qualtrics offers tools for pricing research, concept testing, and market segmentation.

This is a great platform for small businesses looking to get into product feedback for the first time. The free account gives you access to around 100+ templates designed by industry experts.


  1. 1000+ Responses per User
  2. Unlimited Questions per Survey
  3. Unlimited Active Surveys
  4. Branch logic


For large amounts of data, it may take some time to load the report interface

Salsify Product Experience Management Platform

Salsify Product Experience Management is a commerce experience platform with the DAM, PMX, and PIM all wrapped together. Their product experience module is mainly what we are majorly focusing on here.


  1. Centralize product content
  2. Multichannel data activation and optimizations around conversion and discoverability
  3. It also offers search reporting, which are essential PMX component for eCommerce businesses.


Lack of customer base customization.

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All the product registration software on the list of the best product registration software bring something unique to the table to resolve different management issues and help you drive your business. 

This does mean you’ll need to try a few to see what works best for you. To see schedule a demo and get a free 14-day trial of NeuroWarranty's product registration software click here.